With Skin Track Your Arm Is The Touchpad

With Skin Track, Your Arm Is The Touchpad

Smartwatches technology is getting more accessible to you. At the same time, it has limited functioning. For instance, one could never play a game on a small screen. The Human-Computer Interaction Group, which is a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, has a solution to offer for it. Let’s check out about skin track in this article.

These researchers have created a SkinTrack system. This system works with two primary mechanisms. The first is a ring that emits signals. You can wear this signal ring on the index finger.  The second component is a sensing band. Hence, what essentially happens is that the ring sends high-frequency electrical signals through the skin. These signals are then picked up by the electrodes in the sensor band. The skin track works to detect the signal’s phase differences, which aid in tracking the distance and movement.

Arms The New iPhone:

With the change in device sizes, researchers look at a different way to find new methods of interaction. This often implies a change in taking surface gadgets like tablets and phones and moving it to places that offer more convenience. A contributing factor that aids in this fact is as follows: our skin naturally conducts electricity. Therefore, touch-screens gadgets like phones and smartwatches work on the basis of the minute electrical forces found at our fingertips. This helps to track movements.

With Skin Track, Your Arm Is The Touchpad
With Skin Track, Your Arm Is The Touchpad

Researchers conducted a series of tests to check functionality. The participants were required to play the game “Angry Birds”. Other activities included scrolling through their playlist, choosing a song to play. One of the more innovative tests had participants type into a keypad by using the back of their hand as a surface.

The SkinTrack system firstly understands when there is a finger hovering over the arm. This is essential because it is useful for moving cursors around the screen. According to researchers, the skin track system can read the movements currently with an accuracy of 99 percent. The average rate of errors stands only at 7.6mm.

With Skin Track, Your Arm Is The Touchpad

It does not affect the functionality of the Skin Track system if your arms are hairy or if you’re wearing a full sleeves shirt. The system is able to work its way through these barriers still, but it does affect the performance.

Skin Track Has A Long Way To Go:

One of the issues that the existing Skin Track system faces is the weight of its components. The signal-emitting ring is a bit heavy. More importantly, it only lasts for about fifteen hours. Therefore, this is the biggest shortcoming of the Skin Track system currently. Researchers try at making Skin Track a user-friendly, stylish, and trendy for consumers. However, there is a need to find a more durable signaling system in the future. Another drawback of the system is that it has to overcome the variations which occur naturally to the skin. Different factors like the level of moisture in the air and temperature affect the conductivity of the skin. Thus, it does seem like adding a Mylar skin to the sensor which should prove to be helpful. However, it requires more improvements in terms of technology and an advanced user friendly interface.

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