Where Did Household Gadgets Come From

household gadgets late 1800's

Household gadgets and appliances changed drastically from the first few years of their existence. From the very first gadget to the very last, every new gadget or appliance had its own unique characteristic, function or application. Gadgets changed the way people lived, cooked and worked. They literally changed the way people lived their lives. The very first electric gadget was the battery powered kettle, followed by the steam powered bread maker, the teapot, the tea kettle and the microwave oven. Each of these gadgets was a revolution in their own right.

Amazing Household Gadgets You Use Everyday

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Initially, these machines were made from cast iron but eventually they were made from bronze and steel. The first electric was the telephone, which was powered by a twist of a watch. It was bulky and could not be concealed in a normal household item. The telephone became an essential piece of home and business communication, which changed the way we communicate forever.

Another household creation was the clothes dryer. These were very different to today’s dryers. They used a sort of primitive air compression to dry your clothes. They would blow the dryer air through the clothes making them instantly dry.

Another great invention was the automatic lock and key door lock. This made home and office security much higher than it would have been without these useful pieces of household equipment. After a few years the keyless entry door locks also became standard equipment for many homes and businesses.

The First Radio And The Time Pieces

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A very strange looking household gadget was the first radio which was invented in 18 Beard Street, London. It was the brainchild of a man named Julius Walther. He wanted a way to send a broadcast over water. This was a very rudimentary form of radio and is still used today. The first radio transmitters cost several thousand pounds and were made from the finest materials.

It was another brilliant idea to have a clock that could tell time. This was the first portable watch. Today we can still find some of these old timepieces. They are kept by those that don’t want to be limited to the regular time around the clock.

Shavers And Sewing Machine

Probably the most bizarre household gadget was the electric shaver. People would shave their legs with this contraption. The device was supposed to act as a vacuum and remove the hair from between the legs. It didn’t work too well but it was a lot better than the razor blade. Soon companies were producing electric shavers for people to use. They still make them today and they can be found in department stores and discount stores.

Probably the first sewing machine was invented around the same time as the electric shaver. It operated on a similar principle. Instead of pulling the string like a sewing needle, it hooked up to the fabric using a mechanism. This worked very well but it was far from automatic.

During the industrial revolution people had more pressing problems to deal with than sewing. They needed items that could help them finish their projects. These devices were necessary for the creation of new clothing. Many people had no other choice but to create clothing by hand. The first household sewing machine was invented around the same time.


Some people may wonder where the electric washing machine came from. There was a need for something that could dry clothes quickly so that they wouldn’t lose their shape. In the early 1900’s the first washing machines for home use were developed and sold by the Best Products Corporation of America.

Today the first household gadgets are considered to be the personal digital assistants. Gadgets like the calculator, cellular phone and digital camera have changed our lives in ways we never thought possible. We owe a lot to the inventors of these items.

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