Top Rated Cell Phones Companies Around the Globe

Cell Phones Companies Around the Globe


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To comment on the Top Cell Phone Companies of 2021, I would like to mention that during 2020, we should already be seeing the start of many new companies inevitably coming out. We’ll find it beneficial to keep an eye on all these companies and decide which company’s phone to purchase and what features we want.


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Apple has come out with three new phones in 2021, 13 Mini, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max. Given Apple’s reputation for high quality and innovation, we can expect these models to be full of cool features and provide the best user experience. Most likely, they will have a mini version as well as one that’s larger than average. The latter would probably fall into the category of “Plus Size Phones”.


Google’s line of smartphones is called Pixel. They released their first phone in 2016 and have iterated on this concept year after year since then, offering slight upgrades/improvements each time around, such as better cameras and software. The two most recent models are the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6XL both released in May 2021. Some other possible specs include having reverse wireless charging (where you charge other devices wirelessly by placing them on the back of your device), some version of Google’s new 3D Augmented Reality technology coming to the smartphone, and a fingerprint sensor built into the display.


Samsung phones are quite popular, but they always seem to just be catching up with what other companies are doing. Their first foray into the world of the notch was with the Galaxy S8. Their newest lineup includes several versions: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra. It’s worth noting that these focus on different specs/goals rather than having separate functions as Apple does, but all serve pretty much the same purpose.


It’s not clear what Nokia is doing in terms of new product releases, but they’re making themselves known in the mobile market. Their product line right now includes several different types of phones, including some that are more basic than others (with less advanced features). This has led to phones like Nokia 6.1 which was released in Spring 2019 and adds things like water resistance and wireless charging.

With Nokia having recently returned to the cellular phone industry after a series of layoffs.


While Motorola isn’t as big in the mobile phone game anymore, they’re still known for their relatively cheap phones (for people with limited budgets). Their current lineup is very basic; there are two options, Moto G7 and Moto G7 play (this is the cheaper version of the former). It does seem like their 2020 models will be more like these recent releases rather than trying to compete with the latest technology.

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