Top 3 Best Smart Home Gadgets

smart home gadgets

Smart Home Gadgets has taken the consumer market by storm in the last two years. They’re everywhere you look. From TV infomercials to magazine ads, and everywhere in between. The following article will explain what’s hot and what’s not.

Apple Home Kit: With the release of the new “iphone” last year, the apple homekit dropped from being a relatively rare product to being a household staple. Smart Home Gadgets for the home with the apple home kit includes a water filter, coffee maker, washer/dryer, and cordless headphones. The kit also comes with an attractive wood-burning fireplace. Other smart home gadgets for the new apple homekit include an attractive coffee table, and a wood burning stove with wood-burning fireplace insert. Other cool smart home gadgets for the new home include; an iPod video player, a cat tree, and a shed with stairs.

WiFi Enabled Devices

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While the smart home gadgets industry was taking the world by storm with their amazing new products, companies like Ubiquity, were getting ready to launch their own brand of high tech devices that would connect directly to the internet. Two of the most interesting and hottest names are; Ubiquity WiFi and MiFi. Mine was the first of these brands to introduce a WiFi enabled device for consumers, and Ubiquity WiFi followed suit a few months later.

New smart display technology: Smartphones are now smaller than pens and can easily fit into a pocket or purse. Companies like Trilobite and Littmann are now competing with one another to provide consumers with the most cutting-edge smart display technology available. Consumers can now choose from a number of touch-screen devices that allow for a high level of personalization.

Zigbee And Z

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Both Zigbee and Z-wave are capable of providing smart home gadgets with the latest in home automation technology. Zigbee has built in radios that enable it to communicate with other Zigbee enabled devices, and vice versa. In addition, the Zigbee Radio is a low power radio that allows users to communicate without being connected to the internet. The Zigbee Smartthings Hub and Zigbee++ Smartthings Hub are two examples of Zigbee and Z-wave compatible devices. In addition to communication devices, Zigbee and Z-wave devices are also compatible with other devices such as; smoke detectors, doorbells, motion detectors, digital cameras, and the new smart things hub. Smartthings hub is a hands free device that can hold up to five cell phones, and is also compatible with the new digital camera.

Smart Bulbs

One of the newest additions to the smart home gadgets line up is the Smart Bulb. This is a hand held device that can be programmed to turn on for you at a certain time, or turn off before you leave your home. In addition to turning the light on or off, many of the new models of smart bulbs can even be programmed to stay lit, or dimmed according to the room temperature. There are also some newer models that have the capability to light up, or play soothing sounds like a babbling brook in the background.

Last Words

These are just three of the best smart home gadgets available, but I’m sure if you do your research you will find the perfect one for your needs. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to invest in the newest model. Instead, spend some time looking at all the features each product has and figure out what will be the most important to you. From there you can make your decision.

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