Machine Gun Folds And Shoots Paper Airplanes

This Machine Gun Folds And Shoots Paper Airplanes

A German YouTuber called Papierfliegerie has invented the first-of-its-kind machine gun that folds and shoots paper airplanes. The gun is available in the shotgun size and is an unofficial nightmare for all study hall supervisors.

The self-folding ability of the gun makes it exclusive. It folds sheets of paper into airplanes and launches them in the air with high efficiency. It is probably a beautiful invention made out of 3-D printed parts. A good quality cordless drill powers it.

This Machine Gun Folds And Shoots Paper Airplanes

Machine Gun That Shoots Paper Airplanes: A Beautiful Invention

It does not matter what your age is- folding and launching paper airplanes into the air is gleeful and pure fun. However, there is undoubtedly something great about getting the ability of feeding paper into a specific tool that folds paper into airplanes and lets you shoot them out in gun style. The majority of the parts used for assembling the gun have been custom printed from 3D printing solution providers while the others have been bought either from hardware stores or online.

The motor used in this gun has been grabbed from a wireless screwdriver. The machine even features rollers for moving the paper across. There are small ridges for manipulating paper into an ideal flying form. Use the gun correctly, and you will find a complete fleet of paper airplanes shooting out beautifully. The bonus of using this gun is it is one fast way of delivering TPS reports to the boss. The only thing you need to work on is your aim.

Parts Of The Machine Gun

The gun has got a name, and it is PFM-A5 v2.0. It is a 3D printed paper airplane machine gun that has this fantastic ability to fold paper into airplanes. It fires approximately 120 paper airplanes in one minute. This gun is not just a beautiful invention but the ideal invention for kids. If you are in the lookout of a less intimidating technological machine that offers the best gaming fun for your child’s birthday party, this gun would be a perfect choice.

Earlier, this German YouTuber, originally known as Dieter Michael Krone, made the first paper airplane folding tool in the year 2014. Nevertheless, post significant improvements in design and performance, Dieter came up with round two of his paper airplane folding machines, and this time, it was PFM-A5 v2.0. The gun introduced recently in better, bigger, and more exciting.

This Machine Gun Folds And Shoots Paper Airplanes

Impressive Use Of Technological Advancements For Paper Airplanes

This gun introduced by Dieter Michael Krone is, in itself, one of the best uses of technology ever seen. It is not entirely 3D printed but uses a blend of 3D printed parts along with purchased products. For the ones who are in the lookout of guns with one pointless but joyful functionality, this would be the ultimate choice for them.

The different parts of this gun can be maintained very easily. The tool also comes with the promise of providing a faster firing rate than what was available from its predecessors. The length of the gun is 105 centimeters, and it weighs approximately 10 kg. The modular construction of this gun makes it more promising and surprising.

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