Applications with Unique Capabilities

These New Applications Have Unique Capabilities

In the modern world, everything is going online. Be it shopping, ticket booking, banking, or even ordering food. The development of technology has caused great convenience to humankind, and everything has changed for the better. Nowadays, most of the works are done by a single click of a button. It is all possible because of the apps that we have for every purpose. Today in this article, we shall be talking about some of the New Applications that have unique capabilities. Read on to know more.

When we talk about apps, every app is different and serves a different purpose. That way, today, we have an app for almost everything we do. Want food? There is an app for that. Order taxi or even book a flight? You have an app. Need to transfer money to someone urgently? Don’t go to the bank; do it instantly using the app. However, these are pretty common nowadays and have become too mainstream. So now, let us talk a bit about some of the unique applications. Here we go!

New Applications: Kinscreen

These New Applications Have Unique Capabilities
These New Applications Have Unique Capabilities

Have you ever noticed that if you are using a mid-to-high-end Samsung phone, the screen never turns off whenever you look at the screen? Even if you have turned the auto screen off feature after a few seconds, if you are holding the device in your hands, the Samsung phone screen does not go off? It is possible because there is a sensor that tracks your eyes and ensures to keep the screen on until you are looking at it.

The feature is exclusive to Samsung, and other phone manufacturers do not offer this feature for various reasons. However, there is an app called Kinscreen to serve that purpose. Even if you own a non-Samsung phone, the app works with the built-in sensors of your phone and keeps track of your eyes. It works the same way as Samsung’s feature and doesn’t let the screen turn off while you are looking at it.

New Applications: Text Stats

TextStats is a cool new application that has unique features. In today’s modern world, text messages are one of the most commonly used medium for communication with our friends and family. This app scans all your text messages and provides you with useful metrics.

It can help you with details like the number of messages sent, number of messages received, and the most commonly used words, and much more. It does all that using beautiful charts and graphs that are easy to read and understand as well. So, if you are a person who loves keeping track of everything, you are sure to like this app as well. Go ahead and download it right away.

Slipstream Music

These New Applications Have Unique Capabilities
These New Applications Have Unique Capabilities

When it comes to music, everyone in this world has a different taste. The song that you like might not be the one that I like. In such a situation, imagine you are hosting a party at your home and playing all of the chartbuster songs and your personal favorites, too.

Do you assume that everyone will like the music, but is it so? It is not possible to please everyone. However, using this new app called Slipstream Music, you can do exactly that. Instead of arguing about which song should play next, have everybody install this app on their phones, and they can share their Android playlist with you. That way, you can play the most common song and keep everyone happy. Isn’t it cool and unique? Let me know your thoughts below.