Virtual Reality Glove

The New Virtual Reality Glove

Virtual reality glove(VR) is one of the most innovative inventions in recent years. Be it a mind’s trickery or an optical illusion. In VR technology, our brains transport us to another level of reality. They carry us to the digital virtual world. And with the invention of virtual reality glove, this experience of traveling down the digital world has become fascinating. One can now hold objects or perform creation hand activities in the digital world. 

Korean engineers are the one who needs the reward for inventing such beautiful gadgets. This gadget looks precisely like its sound. It is a lightweight glove with flexible motion possibilities. The gloves are expertly designed to imitate the sensation of controlling digital items. Reports om this glove states that the glove ‘s design virtually controls digital things and provides the gamer with a sense of reality in the digital world. Its invention is not just limited to video game purposes or for novelty toys. This is an excellent invention to the path for the future. 

Virtual Reality Glove; Just Glove-ly

The New Virtual Reality Glove

VR globes are not only an innovation in the technological world but also a new face to the gaming world. The VR glove works mostly in translating human movement and then transmitting them into the digital realm. Capturing down the input flow in one single direction and then making a digital environment for the player is no made easy. The maker of the glove has designed the glove in such a manner that the player gets the feeling of the digital environment in their hand while going through the game.

The VR glove comes equipped with sensors placed on the fingertips of the glove. These let the computer decide on the player’s movement inside the game environment. The actuators attached in this glove makes the sensation exactly real for the player. Piezoelectric technology comes infused in constructing this glove. This technology produces some electric charge when squeezed or pressed hard. This fantastic technology creates measurable electrical pulses which are then translated into a programming language, thus creating command for the virtual hand to move. 

The manufacturer of the glove is most proud of the actuator that comes infused within the glove. The actuators come within air bubble shape encased within a fragile silicon skin. One must wonder and think that they are too much to handle. But one must know that these little bubbles are the key to . the infusion of these air bubbles in the gloves is the key that tricks our brain in making them think the reality in the digital environment.

Helping Hand

The New Virtual Reality Glove
The New Virtual Reality Glove

This VR glove weighs around 3rd of a pound just a little more than that of baseball this prototype glove is a set for only three fingers. The three fingers come with one actuator each. Therefore feeling the sensation of the digital world along with exploring the finer details of a sculpture, is not a question at this point.

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