The Best Gadgets To Gift To Fitness Nation Geeks

The Best Gadgets To Gift To Fitness Geeks

Holiday season and Christmas are just around the corner now. It is the time when we must pick out some gifts for all of our friends and family. It is essential to be thoughtful while picking out gifts, so the people we give them to feel special while receiving them. To achieve this, a tip is to look at what each of your loved ones’ hobbies is and buy them something related to it, to make sure that they will like and appreciate it. For example, a limited-edition music CD or vinyl record would make for a great present who loves music; someone into a significant fitness nation and working out may love gifts related to fitness, etc.

Presents That Someone From Fitness Nation Would Love

Fitness Nation is a symbolic place where belong all the people who love to stay fit and make an effort to do so every day, consistently. Getting someone exercise shoes, socks, or other gym clothes isn’t exactly the perfect idea of a Christmas present. Here are some presents that a person from a fitness nation would adore.

1. Aftershokz Aeropex Bluetooth Earphones

The Best Gadgets To Gift To Fitness Geeks
The Best Gadgets To Gift To Fitness Geeks

Aftershokz Aeropex is the perfect headset for running as well as bicycling. They adjust to the shape of the head and do not fall off during your workout. The company even makes a model that is water-resistant to make it compatible with those fitness nation geeks who prefer to swimming, over running or bicycling. While the swimming-optimized headset is not equipped with Bluetooth, it does have a storage space of 4 GB to store music and podcasts. Cost: $160 (and $150 for the swimmers’ headset).

2. Apple Watch Series 5:

The Best Gadgets To Gift To Fitness Geeks
The Best Gadgets To Gift To Fitness Geeks

Towards the expensive side, the Apple Watch of the fifth-generation looks a lot like a regular watch, like never before. It has several fantastic features, such as monitoring your heart rate and your health, it detects it if you have fallen, and track the number of steps or kilometer that you have walked, jogged or run. The fifth-generation Apple Watch is highly customizable to the preferences of each of its customers. Cost: $384 at a minimum.

3. Koala Clip Lux

Armbands are common amongst runners and bicyclists. These armbands are used to store little things such as phones, cash, if necessary, or anything else that you need to keep with you but cannot carry in your hands. However, these can be easily replaced with the Koala Clip Lux. Fitness nation loves this product, as it can be clipped on the back of a sports bra instead of around your arm. The Koala Clip Lux has a small pouch attached, which is where to keep your things. Cost: $33.99.

4. Fitness Nation: Leatherman Free P2:

The Leatherman Free P2 is a multitool that can be used in case of emergencies or necessity for those people of fitness nation who like to go hiking and camping. A multitool, which contains a bottle opener, knife, and several other blades, is useful to both the organized hiker as well as the completely disorganized one. Cost: $120.

5. Theragun G3

The Theragun G3 is essentially a therapeutic gun, as the name suggests. It is an essential gadget to have for anyone in the fitness nation. Of course, the practice of staying fit will end up in soreness, aches, and pains in some or the other muscle, some time or another. Use the Therafun G3 by pointing at the sore muscle, and the Theragun will massage it right away, making it a must-have for every fitness nation geek. Cost: $399 + taxes.

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