Ten Unusual Household Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

unusual household gadgets


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We all know how annoying it is when our partner makes those sounds like a buffalo in nights. And no matter what we can’t sleep. A peaceful night is important for our brains to function properly. This pillow has sensors so that anytime you snore it will vibrate and make you change your sleeping position.


We have seen in movies how fires start in the kitchen. With smart stove top knobs it is not going to happen, if you even forget to turn it off. These knobs come with sensors that will detect movement and if running for too long they will turn off automatically.


We hear robots, we hear terminators. Though our scientist hasn’t reached that far. For the herculean task of lawn mowing, companies have developed a robot for you. You can control via remote control. And it will just work perfectly. There are versions available that do not need remote controls even. More time on hand for you.


For people who love singing and listening in shower, there are showers speakers. These can be connected to your mobile and you can sing and listen to any song you want.


What’s better than to sit and enjoy your movie or do your work than taking Vacuum in your hands and doing cleaning. What if you have an allergy with dust? These Robot cleaners will come in handy when you need them. They look fancy too in homes.


Gone are the days when we needed wires for bulbs. These wireless bulbs can be connected to your phone. And you can change the brightness, color, and intensity of the light all by scrolling on your phone.


These are environment friendly. They save more than 10000 gallons per unit water per year. Well suited for all age people.


It is not a new technology though these speakers now come with an inbuilt assistant that will do your small tasks for you. Booking a table, playing music, calling a friend, all you have to do is say. You may have listened to the names of Alexa, google assistant, cortona etc.


Are you worried about power cuts? Or reading books at night. Well book light has the solution for you, it comes with a plastic case that has LED light on it, which gets attached to the book you are reading.

10. Thermal Leak Detectors.

These are smart detectors that detect leaks in energy in your house. Installing these will be able to save more than 15 percent of your heating and electricity bill. A way towards saving energy.


With these gadgets our lives are becoming way more convenient than it ever has been. Our ancestors would kill for the type of comfort we get just normally. And we should use these techs so that we could focus on what gives us meaning rather than doing the grunt work.

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