Some Trendy Solar Gadgets for Your Home- All you need to know

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Sun plays a very important role in propagating life on earth. The power of the sun is just amazing, apart from its function of photosynthesis it brings an altogether different glow on the earth. The discovery of sun’s uses which was made recently is just something very wonderful in the invention of gadgets. These gadgets are known as solar powered gadgets and the name itself denotes that they obtain their power from the sun. In the past few years some of the solar gadgets have become very popular and are included in some homes. People are accepting and recognising the idea of a green earth and green environment by using these solar powered gadgets. People who are new to this idea of gadgets are not aware about how to choose solar powered gadgets which will be sufficient enough to suit their requirement. Here are some simple suggestions and guides to you.

Phone chargers with solar cells and creative edge-

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With the advent of technology, cell phones have become one of the most important gadgets for mankind. Nobody can stand their phone to get switched off it is then when the idea for power banks came into being. Solar power banks can be best suited for charging your phones. This solar charger has a battery capacity of 500mAh and for charging both your ipad and ipod you have a dual port feature provided by this charger.

SOLSOL Solar Hat Charger-

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This is a charger which is provided in a hat form. This charger will serve you for two purposes- protect you from blazing and scorching heat of the sun at the same time it will collect enough solar energy to get charged so that you can charge your phone anytime once your battery dies off.

LED Garden Lamp-

Plans for outdoor camping cones with a fear of insects and this LED garden lamp provides you a solution. It has a UV bug zapper which will help to keep the insects aways and its LED light will light your way and provide you with some come lighting on the other hand.

ThermalTech Solar Jacket-

If you don’t like fireplaces and like to avoid it during winters then this jacket comes with a very good solution. This Jacket will provide heat to your body by sucking heat from your environment and thus will keep you warm and cozy even if you don’t use a fireplace.

Solar Sun Tree-

This is a type of nature inspired charger by which you can easily charge your MP3, ipads, ipods and phones. You can charge at least 10 phones at a time with this super solar charger.


After the invention of these gadgets you don’t necessarily worry about electricity. Now you simply count on these super gadgets to help you out in your day to day work.

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