Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use


A USB port is something that most of us tend to take for granted. Though it has been around several decades now, still people find it difficult to believe that they have to use the USB gadgets and that it has not yet switched to an all Bluetooth kind of world settings .

They come in several forms and you can now plug your flash drive and remote-controlled robot inside USB ports. Devices like keyboards and printers need to be plugged in for some of them even if the trend has been going to democratize remote-controlled gadgets. Even when entering a meeting room, without the USB device in order to make your presentations, people might give you the odd stare.

The most popular USB working device would be flash drives. You would have done it countless number times in a day in order to perform regular tasks and save all your things and medias in a safe place.

Some Fun And Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use
Some Fun And Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use

Use Of USB Gadgets For Office Purpose

Flash Drive

Flash drives have come a long way. You can now find some available in the market in several forms and shapes. These tiny, yet powerful gadgets can hold ample datas. Today, you can find flash drives capable of holding 32GB and more and it’s only going to exponentially grow as technology evolves.

Meaning that you can store more and more movies or songs, thousands of pictures and souvenirs onto the tiny device. Sadly, due to their small size, they are easy to lose so you definitely must keep them close and in safe places. The best way to ensure that they do not get lost is to attach them to a key chain or similar object. And never forget to put them back inside their assigned box.

That way, your drive will remain safely with you and you won’t have to buy another one every couple of months. Safest among them, when it comes to traveling and work drives. The key 2GB flash drive is something that is difficult to lose because of the key chain around it. Though it is only 2GB, it is ideal for storing several documents, a movie, and a few songs for your daily travelings.

Not to mention, the loading speed is decent at 30 MB per second. With the keyring attached to it, you can never lose it as long as you pay minimum attention. All you have to do, is attach it to your belt loop and place it inside your pocket or place it on your main key chain.

Some Fun And Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use
Some Fun And Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use

USB Flash Lighter

The USB flash lighter is another of the devices that can be found in use in most offices. As the name presents it, it is a lighter meant for those who prefer carrying one for lighting purposes.

It comes with a flip-top. You have to flip the lid and flick the lighter and there comes out the flame. Then you only need to slide the button and the USB connector comes out. Using that, you can now connect the laptop and download 8GB into your storage space.

Some Fun And Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use
Some Fun And Useful USB Gadgets Ideal For Office Use

USB Heated Mug

As weird as it may sound, the USB heated mug is one of the most sought after devices. You can find it on several desks in a fully functioning office. As, in every office’s most peoples like to sip on hot tea, coffee, or cocoa. Which makes it a most convenient device to take with you and carry every day without burdening yourself with multiple devices.

With the help of this heated mug, you can drink on it right from the comfort of your desk. Keeping your drinks at warm temperatures. And safely storing your data and work documents.

You only need to plug it into your PC or laptop once you reach your work spot. It can carry with it 16 ounces of tea, coffee or cocoa and also comes with a lid that is spill-proof. A very useful device indeed.

From the above, it is obvious that USB gadgets still have fun purposes. You can literally perform all your daily tasks using it. Without having to perform in an all-wireless environment.