Samsung Hints At New Vertically Folding Mobile Now


Samsung hints at the launch of a new foldable smartphone concept. After the release of the horizontally folding smartphone called Galaxy Fold device now, South Korean tech giant gave the sneak peek of a vertically folding phone! So, now one more folding phone about to come in the market that looks like an old flip phone. 

On Tuesday, Samsung, at its developer conference 2019, presented the design in a video clip. The Galaxy Fold opens and shuts over that transforms into half as seen in the video.

Samsung Hints At New Vertically Folding Mobile Now
Samsung Hints At New Vertically Folding Mobile Now

Samsung’s Statement On The New Model Category

During the conference, Samsung hinted at a new form factor. It’s called a clamshell device for its subsequent foldable device that overlaps in half vertically.

The mobile phone tech giants stated that though thoroughly discussing features of upcoming products is not possible currently. Yet it’s bound to launch the foldable smartphone, and looking forward to investing in new design factor advancement. They even believe that the new foldable mobile design has impressive potential in the coming time. So, they will adhere to offer unique experiences to the users. Also, they invite their developers to work effectively on this journey together.

Head of Framework R&D Group at Samsung’s mobile communications Sally Hyesoon Jeong said that with this new factor, they are not just eyeing comfortably fitting mobile in your pocket. However, they likewise want to transform the system of mobile usage among users, whether the user is clicking photos or videos.

Samsung Hints At New Vertically Folding Mobile Now
Samsung Hints At New Vertically Folding Mobile Now

Samsung Hints On Other Features

The leading phone company also unleashed about the second edition of One UI. Further, it talked about its latest UX brand and new software development tools. Samsung’s mobile business chief Koh Dong-jin said all these new developments are a part of a new vision that focuses on a secure as well as seamless ecosystem. The UX of mobile upgraded to make the interface performance more smooth with the least finger motions.

Plus, One UI 2 introduces new features that will declutter the UI. Thus, this new feature will make screen viewing easier on the eyes alongside it helps people interact spontaneously.

Furthermore, the company will explore ideas to enhance the user experience more. It’s because many today are increasingly depending upon mobile devices.

Pop-ups diminished significantly is one of the most prominent developments too. It implies there will be lesser distractions for users while performing various tasks like watching videos. Additionally, pop-up messages locate below the display within reach of the user’s thumb.

Designed to be user-friendly for every person, even physically disabled, are the topmost priority on One UI 2 development. For instance, it features a black-colored keyboard with finely tuned yellow-colored keys for visually challenged.

Samsung Hints Launch Date 

This clamshell foldable device by a pioneer in this design is supposed to make its appearance early next year as per the news reports. Samsung and US fashion brand Thom Browne are reportedly collaborating on its design. Also, the second foldable is assumed to be more affordable as well as thinner than the previous Galaxy Fold.