Salt Lovers This Fork Is for You To Rejoice


From ancient times, salt has been an essential part of our diet. Almost every food item other than desserts contain salt. It’s a universal thing, and every country and culture across the world uses it in their cuisine. Salt is a mineral, and we can easily obtain it from nature. It is available in abundance, and it is required by our bodies as well. Even though it is a useful thing for our body, it is not suitable for our health to consume it in excess. It can cause many health problems, including high blood pressure and strokes. Therefore to all Salt Lovers out there, it is essential that we consume it in limited quantity and not more.

Salt Lovers, This Fork Is for You To Rejoice
Salt Lovers, This Fork Is for You To Rejoice

Importance Of Salt

Salt is one of those ingredients that is needed in an exact quantity for the dish to taste just right. A little more than or a little less than that exact quantity can spoil the taste of the food item. It will be very difficult to eat a dish with too much or too little salt, and therefore it is a nightmare for people to eat salt less food who are suffering from hypertension. Too much salt is one of the major causes of hypertension. Hence people suffering from it are strictly restricted from eating salt or are allowed to take very less salt with their food. So for all these people a special kind of fork is made.

Dream Fork For All Salt Lovers

Now we come to the part everyone was waiting for. Yes, it is true. You can now produce salty flavor in your food with just an electric fork, and that too without worrying about your health. A new electric fork has been invented by the Japanese scientists, which use just electricity to produce not only salty but also sour taste, all with the touch of a simple button. This invention is a dream come true for everyone who is suffering from hypertension or loves eating salty but is unable to because of health problems. It is a perfect way to satisfy all your salty desires without compromising your health.

Salt Lovers, This Fork Is for You To Rejoice
Salt Lovers, This Fork Is for You To Rejoice

Japanese scientists have been working on this project from as long as 2012. It is not only a very innovative project, but it is also a big relief for people who are not allowed to take in salt. The genius behind this fork is Hiromi Nakamura, and the total expenditure to make this fork was just £12. It is, therefore, easily affordable by everyone. The fork runs on batteries and can smoothly run for six hours before it needs to be charged again.

The Fact Salt Lovers Should Know

The main drawback of this fork is that it is not waterproof. But apart from that, it is an excellent device. The fork can provide different levels of saltiness according to your requirements. It has three levels of electric current just for this purpose. This fork was designed explicitly for No Salt Restaurant, an initiative whose goal is salt-less meals ate events.