Robots With Flexible Muscles


In this new age of modern technology, humans are becoming lazier. The reason is that with the help of technology and its products, every action can be completed. Hence, humans become the most dependent creature on Earth. Moreover, this new age has invented the ultimate product to fasten human lives – robots. First world countries like the United States are investing billions of dollars to make developments in robot science every year. Now, when robots like “Sophia” are already produced and available in the market, researchers are trying to make the best out of it with more significant investment. Here is the introduction of flexible muscles.

Robots With More Flexible Muscles

Flexible Muscles – A New Trait In Robots

Saudi Arabia has started to treat robots like a proper human by giving them citizenship for already a few years now. Researchers are trying to advance soft muscles within the robots to make them look more like a human. However, the inbuilt smooth tissues are not at all working, killing the strength of the robots. Scientists are trying to build robots with flexible muscles so that their touch could feel more like a human. This could help the user to forget that he or she is interacting with a robot and not a human. Furthermore, it makes the robots more adoptable and accepted by the user community for their human-like movements and appearance. This advanced muscle trait helps to deal with delicate things like raw eggs and lift strong objects such as baseball and other items.

The Advent Of Actuators

To increase more human traits in robotics, modern robotic science is working on producing new elements that will help to give robots more human characteristics. In the last few years, robotic science has come up with a new part called actuators that functions as a source of flexible muscles in robots. On the other hand, actuators work as the primary source of strength along with flexible movements. Scientists like Nicholas Kellaris have given the full theory of actuators in their “Science robotics paper”. The actuators consist of three rectangular pouches filled with fluids that let the robot body move even faster than humans. Actuators turn on the flexible mode whenever required, and when the robots touch a human body, it does feel unreal.

Robots With More Flexible Muscles

What Could Be More Fascinating?

Standing in this edge of advanced technology, what could be more fascinating for humans than touching a robot in the form of another human? Well, even this is not where it ends. Robotic science is advancing every day and working on bettering itself. Citizenship of robots will soon be valid in other first world countries in the coming days. On the other hand, it can be discussed that the robot is a vital example that proves the dependency of a modern human being. It thus shows how people are not even self-sufficient and have to depend on some other entity to get their work done. Furthermore, the advancement of science on planet Earth is not undeniable at the same time.