Newly Launched Cool HighTech Gadgets

cool high tech gadgets

High-tech gadgets are very helpful in our daily life. There are many variations in India like cool Tech gadgets, mediocre high-tech gadgets, and some truly awful gadgets.

List Of Some Newly Launched High Tech Gadgets :

A hand holding a cellphone

flexible tablet stand

With the help of this flexible tablet stand, you can n handle your tablet without holding it in your hand

for a long time, and also, it is adjustable with bendable legs.

Sony FX3

Sony FX3 is the cheapest and smallest cinema camera the company has ever made. It is specially built for filmmakers rather than photographers, it can handle recording Ultra HD video at 120fps for long periods.

wireless headset

These new official gaming headsets have a lot of features without costing a small fortune. They are fitted out with the latest surrounded sound so that you can have the feel to hear those footsteps creeping up behind you.

Transparent speakers

These transparent speakers replace their housing with tempered glass. It can be used alone as a Bluetooth speaker or paired together as a stereo sound system.

Xiaomi Mi air charge

With the help of Xiaomi Mi air charge, you will be able to charge your phone even walking into your room. It would charge your phone even if an object was in the way.

Infinity waterproof Jacket

These waterproof coats are sprayed with water repellent chemical that makes raindrops roll down the coat without soaking in it. It is also breathable, stopping from getting you too hot underneath.

Carol exercise bike

This bike combines high-intensity training with an algorithm that can learn your fitness level and also create a training regime for you.

Varonis smart telescope

This is smart telescope can take the images hitting its sensors and send you a live view to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

Sonos soundbar

The Sound Bar has a balance of features, design, and ease of use and performance.

No matter whatever you are watching, it sounds superb. It has stunning clarity to dialogue with the fullness of base and stacks across the frequency range.

Dyson hair straightener

This hair straightener has the dual ability which joins the hairdryer and the air wrap styler in the lineup. It is best for the people who use this on a regular basis.


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High-tech gadgets are amazing, making our lives easier with every use. Humans are one of the creative kinds of species; there are no doubts. There is so much progress that has been made in the last 200+ years. This list of high tech gadgets introduced to the world it is proof that how the technology has changed our life with these high tech gadgets.

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