New Lenses Could Give You Super Color Vision


Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing how we can enhance our visual experience through a new lens? Our eyes help us to see a small subset of the hues that combine to form the visible spectrum. We possess three kinds of cones, also known as color-sensitive cells. These are known to assist humans in making a better sense of what could be thousands or even hundreds of thousands of color variants. The human eye equips to pick up about a billion different colors. This means that we are able to see colors that aren’t even named yet.

How Do We See Super Colors With New Lenses

The more cones we have, the more we can detect combinations of colors. Even the subtle distinctions between shades can recognizable to us. Some unique individuals have an avert advantage over some others as they have an extra cone. This allows them a superior color vision. As most of us aren’t exactly gifted with this mutation. So, researchers have come up with a pair of lens that helps us split the color spectrum to turn us into artificial tetrachromats, ones that can see the invisible range of colors.

New Lenses Could Give You Super Color Vision
New Lenses Could Give You Super Color Vision

New Lenses The Beginning

Researchers have been studying the color detection ability of our eyes for a long time now. The specific type of cones that are present in the eye, which help us with seeing the color blue. It is also known as the high-frequency end of the visible range or spectrum.

How It Works

We have six cones, including both eyes. Frequently, each eye’s cones sense or pick up the same wavelength of the colors. We often selectively block out different parts of the spectrum. Each eye, with the help of the lens, has cones that would usually work together. However, they stimulate a distinct collection of information to the brain. Studies say that this simulated an additional cone. As a result of which, each eye can now send a different signal to the brain. It then combines the information and results in the emergence of new colors.

New Lenses Could Give You Super Color Vision
New Lenses Could Give You Super Color Vision

A New Range To See

With the new lens, the researchers saw a new range of colors in butterflies and mosaics, ones that were not visible before. Such a situation wasn’t possible previously as our eyes couldn’t pick up every single wavelength. This development demands a higher limit for color resolution as there are numerous to combine these color packets.

Super Color Vision According to our estimations, each cone can distinguish over a hundred different shades of a single color. With three funnels, we could see a combination of over a hundred colors, with the new lens, we can see up to a hundred million, a number exponentially higher. The researchers do attempt to increase their experiments to other kinds of cones. Cones that respond to reds and greens. Their lens can be used to detect camouflage or counterfeits. As well as in grocery stores to separate ripe fruit and vegetables from the ones that are too ripe. With an added enhancement in our visibility, our possibilities are endless.

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