Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Mushroom Style

Mushroom Style Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

In case you don’t like the sound output of your mobile phone or laptop speaker then you must go for a Bluetooth speaker. This mobile Bluetooth speaker will solve all your problems. And nothing can beat the convenience of a mobile Bluetooth speaker. Here we have a mushroom-style Bluetooth speaker that performs decently. It’s compact and handy you need to charge it up. And you are good to go. This mobile Bluetooth mushroom-style speaker is perfect for laptops and smartphones.

Mushroom Style Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Mushroom Style

This is a compact mobile speaker. It’s in mushroom-style, and it’s a really small size Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth mobile speaker is compatible with both android and apple ios device. You can take this speaker anywhere you want because it’s a lightweight Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is also decent on this speaker; you will hear clear music. The set up is also very easy you need to connect your phone with Bluetooth speaker, and you are connected instantly. You will not have any issue in connecting your device its quick.

Product Description

This is a cool looking Bluetooth speaker.

It’s a small and portable Bluetooth speaker that has a mushroom style.

It also has an in-built mic so you can pick your call when your phone is connected.

The connectivity is simple and easy.

This mushroom style mobile Bluetooth speaker has a durable build. 

It made from Silica Gel and plastic.

The material used in the making of this speaker is of good quality.

The battery used on this speaker is Li-Ion.

It’s compatible will all Bluetooth devices like phone, laptop, and computer. 

The battery on this mushroom-style speaker will give you approx three hours of playback time.

And this speaker will give you five hour of standby time.

The package of this Bluetooth speaker contains a mushroom-style Bluetooth speaker, USB cable, and user manual.     

Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Key Features

Portable Device

This is a portable Bluetooth speaker. You can take this speaker anywhere you want. This device will give you playback time of three hours. The device is small but still has decent sound output. It also has a microphone built-in. The battery is only 280 mah, so it’s not a heavy speaker. It’s a lightweight Bluetooth mushroom-style speaker. It also has pretty good stand by time of five hours. With this Bluetooth mushroom, style speaker is great to listen to your favorite music.

Easy To Use

This is a standard Bluetooth speaker. But it’s small in size, and you can take it anywhere you want. It will connect with any device which has Bluetooth. It’s a compact Bluetooth speaker so you can keep it with you inside your pocket. It has two power buttons above the mushroom head. This speaker also has a built-in microphone so you can receive calls directly with the speaker. Overall it’s a good speaker and will give you around three hours of battery life. 

Sound Quality

Considering the size of this speaker, it’s sound output is decent. And this wireless speaker will give you good sound quality. The sound on this speaker is clear and crisp. Its compact design makes this speaker active. Overall you will not disappoint with the sound quality. And it will perform better than your laptop or mobile speaker.

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