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Metadata: we often look for the latest gadgets to impress our kids or to entertain them. We shall take a look at the latest electronic gadgets for kids in this article.

Do you need to see some of the latest gadgets on kids’ wanted list? Please take a look at our list of toys and gifts. You have made your kid’s day if you get them any of these gadgets.

· VTEC kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This smartwatch is a colourful device, which is one thing that will endear it to your kids, among other things. Secondly, it is educational, which means you get to watch your kids learn a thing or two with this gadget. Furthermore, it is waterproof.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about water causing damage to the gadgets and replacing them too fast. Your kid can take photos, record videos. This gadget is perfect for kids below ten but not for those lower than three years of age.

You can get this astonishing gadget for $58. Parents who have kids who don’t love toys are one of the best gifts you can give to them.

· Animal island learning adventure ( AILA)

Here is one you that will surely benefit your kid educationally. It is a winner of the Mom’s Choice Award for toddlers and young kids. An animal island learning adventure is not like average technology toys.

It comes with a free subscription, top-quality educational content created by high- quality kids educators. These gadgets are right for kids from one year and above. Hence, kids in pre-school use it for their learning of phonics.

· Kids headphones

Plenty of kids love music and other cool sounds. Hence, it is right for you to purchase a headphone designed for kids to use when travelling with them. For travelling, the best headphone to get for your kids is the ones with wires.

Wired headphones give kids a new but pleasant experience. One thing you will love about this gadget is that they are lightweight. These headphones are great for kids in the age range of 3 – 7.

Additionally, there is a noise reduction feature, which means your child won’t be exposed to harmful noise when travelling with you.

· Amazon Fire HD 8 Kindle

One thing that kids want from a gadget is versatility. They want a device that plays games reads online comics, and watch cartoons. Your kids can do all these things and more with Amazon fire Kindle.

It was created to have a similar look with a toy for kids, but it is not you. Key features of this gadget include:

1. 7-inches display, which provides kids with large screen displays.

2. High screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels is another excellent feature.

3. A strong feel to prevent damage from drops by kids.

4. Lightweight to enable kids to carry it easily.

Furthermore, you will find a dual camera of 2MP each, which will help your kids have their photo moments. A 3.5 mm stereo jack that your kids can listen to their favorite sounds from through the use of a headphone. Finally, the gadget comes with 1.5GB RAM to ensure that high speed is maintained when in use.


Technology has changed the way we live and act. It affects everyone either positively or negatively. Hence, kids are no exceptions.

However, before getting your kids the latest gadgets out there, you should think of certain factors. Some of these factors include health, safety, and education value. The latest gadgets that made our list here will ensure that your kids learn good habits, get the needed education, and make you proud as a parent.

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