Latest Fitness Tech Gadgets for Guys

latest in tech gadgets

Are you looking for some smart gadgets to perk up your fitness game? Here are some latest fitness gadgets for guys you must invest in.

Fitness Band Smartwatch

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Fitness without a smart fitness watch seems incomplete. Get this perfect fitness watch to enhance your fitness experience. It is useful for insanity workout exercise and other forms of exercise as well. The display size is 1.3 inch with a resolution of 240 x 240 IPS color screen. It has a RAM of 128 MB. The smart watch is powered by 110 mAh polymer battery and the app name – DaFit works with the watch. 

Gyro Ball Exerciser Fitness Equipment

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This exerciser fitness equipment is the perfect buy for athletes, body builders and those who love to do workout. It helps athletes and fitness enthusiasts to do warm up. It can aid in the rehabilitation of broken bones, sprains or lower arm bone with tissue injuries. The material is of high-quality plastic. It features dimensions of 6 x 7.5cm. Buy these unique exerciser ball if you want to warm up efficiently.

Electric Treadmill Fitness Equipment

This mini and convenient folding design will save space when it is not in use. It works on 220 V and speed of 0.8 – 6 km. It has a weight of 100 kg. the product features dimensions of 133 x 54 x 11 cm. 

Abs Wheels and Jump Rope Fitness Tools

A skipping rope or a jump rope is a great form of cardio workout which can warm up your body for your core workouts. Likewise, this abs wheel helps you in your core workouts and adds more fun to your exercises. Both of them come with a mat for more comfortable core workouts experience. The wheel features dimensions of 33 x 16.8 cm and the rope weighs around 160 gm. 

Waterproof Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Everyone seems to be wearing a smart watch while doing their core workouts. This stylish smart watch comes with a touch button function that can easily support calls, SMS reminders, WeChat Reminders and QQ reminders. It can be used as a phone camera shutter too. The smart watch has a built-in 50 mAh batter and 10 days of stand by use. It takes charging time of 2 hours and can be charged by USB charging cable. The device is supported by Android 4.4 and iOS 8. This smart watch is water proof and hence does not get spoiled with sweat. It comes with a fancy wrist band and can be matched with your fitness wear easily. 

Get these smart gadgets online and enhance your workout experience. You can purchase them easily online without having to go to different shops. These gadgets are also cost effective and you can get easily delivery and exchange return options in various ecommerce platforms. So invest today and enjoy your workout pattern to a healthier and smarter you.

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