Intriguing IoT Gadgets

Intriguing Iot Gadgets that Entered Gadget World in 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) are devices which support and facilitates the expansion of internet network beyond traditional devices like laptops, computers, mobiles, etc. These IoT devices utilize advanced technology to interact and communicate with other systems through an internet connection. They can also be managed or controlled through remote access. Here are a few IoT devices that rock the gadget world with their entry into the market.

Amazon Dash Button (Price $4.99)

It is an IoT device that connects over internet wifi and ensures the availability of everyday household items such as groceries, utilities, kids and pets essentials, drinks, personal care, etc. It lets user order products instantly without them having to browse, acce


pts new orders only when previous order is completed or user opts for multiple orders and saves considerable time. To use this device at its full potential a user has to be a member of Amazon Prime. It makes life hassle-free and easy.

August Doorbell Cam (Price $199)

August Doorbell Cam is an amazing innovation that lets you see the door from any corner of the house or from a remote location. It consistently monitors your doors and captures any significant movements on your doorsteps. It is compatible with August Smart Lock and comes with a 24 hour HD video recording system and is super easy to install.

Intriguing Iot Gadgets that Entered Gadget World in 2019

August Smart Lock (Price $220)

Just like August Doorbell Cam this smart lock allows a user to access door locks from any remote location. With this product, you can keep track of each and every person that enters or leaves the house. It comes with infinite digital keys and an auto-unlock feature that allows the user to automatically unlock the door upon arrival.

Intriguing Iot Gadgets that Entered Gadget World in 2019
Intriguing Iot Gadgets that Entered Gadget World in 2019

Amazon Echo Plus (Price $99.99)

Amazon Echo Plus voice controller is one of the reliable and popular IoT devices. It is capable of performing numerous functions such as play songs, set alarms and reminders, make phone calls, prepares to-do or shopping lists, Google questions, provide information, monitor other instruments, and much more.

The WeMo Smart Light Switch (Price $39.99)

The WeMo Smart Light Switch can manage lights from smartphones, voice or wall switch. This IoT device couples with wifi network to provide the user with wireless connectivity to the lights. It’s easy to install with clip-on faceplate, as it has restart and wifi reset options and comes with night light.

Footbot Air Quality Monitor (Price $199)

Footbot detects levels of pollution in the surrounding atmosphere and helps to purify the air in indoor spaces such as homes, workplaces, etc. It also keeps the temperature and humidity levels in check and aids in staying focused on the supply of clean and fresh air. It also lengthens the life of its users by providing pollution-free clean air.

Nest Thermostat Easy Temperature Control (Price $249.99)

Nest Thermostat controls the home’s temperature without any intervention from its user. It automatically adjusts and manages temperature based on your day to day activities and your routine. Nest Thermostat can seamlessly pair and interact with Alexa through voice control. It is also compatible with other smart devices.


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