Scientists Bringing Our AI Assistants To Life

In the 21 century, technology has changed our life. Therefore the idea of bringing AI assistants to life was one of the best innovations. These AI assistants are so smart and polite, that you can compare them with the human. If you talk to them, they will tell you about their interests, hobbies, etc. Thus, it shows that even AI assistants are getting smarter every day. Nowadays, different AI assistants have their different personalities. Therefore, their way of talking, responding, and communicating very different. Thus, if you will ask these assistants, they will tell you about their origin and birth date. 

Moreover, users love how these AI assistance assist them. Therefore, the founder of Siri said that he made Siri respond correctly. Thus, he did not expect that people so much love the Siri’s humor and personality. Hence, Siri’s character was the most appreciated feature of the apple phone. Therefore, here are some reasons why AI assistants are gaining their popularity and how they are impacting our lives.

How Scientists Are Bringing Our AI Assistants To Life

How Was The AI Assistant’s Introduction To Life?

People nowadays talk a lot with their virtual assistants. Thus, they are gaining their popularity, whether they are Siri, Alexa, or google home. Therefore, people have their prediction an average person will start talking more about these assistants as compare to humans in the next five years. Hence, the amazon has created a politeness mode in their devices. Thus, in this politeness mode, the assistant will talk to you more politely.

On the other hand, there are a lot of disadvantages of having AI assistants. For example. Amazon Alexa sent a conversation between two family members to someone else Because the two people were talking about that person. Hence, the amazon Alexa thought their communication is any order.

How Scientists Are Bringing Our AI Assistants To Life

What Are Its Advantages?

  • Some assistants are designed in such a way that they talk to the other person according to their mood. Hence, Woebot, an AI assistant, helps people suffering from depression and anxiety. Thus, it can talk to a lot of people at once, which is far more than a human psychologist. Moreover, virtual assistants are helping people suffering from mental issues; thus, it is saving a lot of lives every day.
  • Therefore, when we talk to these virtual assistants, we do not have to be polite. Thus, we do not have to try to make our conversation exciting and impressive. Hence, we do not have to be intelligent and show others our knowledge, unlike human beings. 
  • It is not essential whether the assistant likes us or not. We will talk to them, and they will respond. Hence, we have to take out the information that we want. Thus, these assistants cannot annoy you, bully you, criticize you. Though the modern assistant does crack some of the jokes, they do not insult the other human being.
  • Most importantly, it saves a lot of time. We do not have to waste our time typing and to search. Thus, if we want to order a pizza, you can tell the assistant to order it. Hence, these AI assistants have made our life more comfortable and relaxing.    
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