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From simple electric switches and plugs, to complex security cameras and robotic vacuums, the new age of the simple plug-and-use smart home is here. This is especially true with some of the new home security gadgets that are available today.

One of the most popular smart home gadgets these days is the vacuum cleaner. This is one of those home gadgets that can be considered “built-in” to your home. The built-in feature is, of course, the ability of the vacuum to remove dust and dirt from your floors. However, you also get the ability to set the suction power of this device to a higher level if it is necessary. One of those built-in features of this appliance is its capability of being able to detect pet hair.

A Home Security System

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Another one of those smart home gadgets that is available today is a home security system. These gadgets connect to your main or even to your cell phone in order to make sure that your home or family is safe from intruders and other dangers. There are many types of systems, but one of the more common is the one that allows you to program a sensor to go on and off based on whether the front door or backdoor is opened. The same is true for the thermostat of your house.

Other very popular smart home devices are the solar garden lights and the motion sensor lights. With the advancements in technology, these gadgets have become much more durable, as well as, efficient. You no longer have to worry about getting cut when using a solar garden light. And you no longer have to worry about losing your remote control when going out in the dark.

The Security Cameras

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If you are looking for security gadgets, then perhaps the most reliable would be the security cameras. You can install these either on your front door or in the backyard. Most people these days would rather choose the security cameras installed on their front door to ensure that their home or family is being protected at all times. What is great about this is that you can use your smartphone to control these gadgets. This can be done through the installation of an app.

Aside from the security cameras that you can have installed on your house, there are also some other smart home products that you can purchase as well. For instance, you can have your garage doors and gates automatically open when you park your car inside it. There are also some built-in motion sensors that will let you know if anybody is trying to break into your home. There are also smoke alarms which are now built-in in most houses.

The Light Bulb’s Hub

In terms of appliances that can help you maintain a healthier and better lifestyle, nothing beats having smart home products such as the light bulb’s hub. It can help you with any home improvement project you have in mind.

From lighting up your basement so you can use it for an office or an extra room, to installing an artificial pond in your garden. As long as you have these gadgets around, you will always be able to make your home look beautiful.

Final Words

Other than these built-in motion sensors and smoke alarms, there is also the doorbell. Most homes that are built these days include this type of gadget in its security system. And these days, you will surely get different types and models of doorbells depending on what kind of home you live in. There are models that have a modern look, ones that have a classic touch and many others. There are even some doorbell models that are waterproof and you no longer need to worry about a doorbell breaking when the raining season comes.

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