Golf Gadgets Great For The Green

Golf Gadgets That Are Worth Your Money

Golf is one of the elegant and classic sports of all time. It is the only sport that has been constantly revolutionalized by technology in hopes of achieving improved equipment to strike a few hits off golfer’s handicap. Not only balls and clubs but also golf gadgets have been changing since the conception of new-age technology. Our list of golf gadgets includes a product for each player and every budget that may turn out to be the right tool to give you a competitive edge.

The Excel GPS Golf Watch (Price $249.99)

This GPS watch is light to carry, it provides precise distances of putting greens, doglegs, and hazards for almost 35,000 golf courses. The watch syncs with smartphones through Bushnell Golf app. It lets the user track score, book tees and watch 3D views of each pin and hole. It has user-friendly software that has features such as automatic course recognition, auto-determination of hole mean, etc. Whether you are a scratch golfer or weekend warrior, this product is a must-buy for every golf player.

Golf Gadgets That Are Worth Your Money
Golf Gadgets That Are Worth Your Money

Lightweight Swing Trainer (Price $44)

The Rukket’s Lightweight Club is easy to carry. It’s a device that assists you in improving your swings and lengthens your drives. Furthermore, this tool is great for warming up prior to tee shots. Its fiberglass composition provides it with flexibility and less weight to your bag. It has a unique design which strengthens your swings and adds flexibility to core and wrist, to facilitate longer and precise drives.

Approach G80 GPS + Launch Device (Price $499.9)

Approach G80 handheld device looks similar to a smartphone and comes along with 41,000 preloaded golf courses. It provides accurate distances for greens and Touch Targeting which allows us to determine precise yardage necessary for a nine-hole spin. Moreover, there is a Launch Monitor which has some impressive features. It can thus determine club and ball speed, smash factor, temp factor, and distance for each shot. This tailored information makes it easy for a golfer to rectify errors in swings and helps save valuable strokes.

Swiss Army Golf Tool (Price $55)

This little compact tool can actually be your savior when you are looking for the groove cleaner or ball maker. It comes with 10 different functions, fits easily into your pocket and is durable in nature. Besides ball marker and tee punch, it is packed with bottle opener, tweezers, and scissors that can come handy on the golf course.

Soundchuck Mini Bluetooth Speaker (Price $79.99)

This is a small and compact 4-inch long Bluetooth speaker that can be easily paired with your smartphone through Bluetooth. It comes with a carabiner that makes it convenient to carry along by clipping it to your golf bag. Moreover, the speaker and cord are protected with silicon casing that renders them with extra durability and flexibility. There are three amazing shades of this speaker: High-Risk Red, Puma Black, and Vibrant Orange. It also has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can go on up to six hours straight. This will let you enjoy music on loop while playing solo rounds.

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