Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech A Proper Burial


Nowadays, environmentalism is being very fashionable and hip, mainly the corporate environment. We will consider some new eco-friendly methods to reduce technology usage and incendiary devices, especially on Earth day every year.

However, you probably have noticed that organizations and governments show concern to conserve the environment and nature by reducing the impacts of technologies, gadgets, and accessories. Generally, people spread messages to make anything green on some specific days.

Is it worthy practically? Well, when the society does not focus on actions, these messages of no use. The word “green” is wealthy only when we are aware of efforts to conserve the planet. 

Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech a Proper Burial
Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech a Proper Burial

Environmentalism In Concern With Gadgets And Accessories

However, you know that only the use of gadgets is not a big issue, but how we dispose of them is also a vital process. When you see the “green” messages and other holdings, you probably not knowing of the fact how our old and new gadgets and accessories are harming our mother nature. Well, people still don’t know the proper method to dispose of harmful electric equipment. You may know that you should recycle or reuse electronic waste goods but may not know the appropriate way. 

Why Electronic Garbage And What To Do With Wasted Or Non-Working Gadgets And Accessories

Generally, when people clean their house or shift to a new home, they will pack a garbage bag of electronic goods that are old, and some are not working. Such electronic products can contain electric wires, chargers, cables, cameras, flat plate LED book light, and kitchen tools. Well, it happens to everyone, and they will take that bag and throw it into a dustbin.

However, we can make smart use of such tools. But do we do that? For example, you have an old camera that may work fine by adding new batteries. You may not buy new batteries and use this camera. But I think you can give it to someone who doesn’t have a camera or can not afford the camera. Well, when you read the facts below, you will never throw anything in the garbage and donate them. 

Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech a Proper Burial
Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech a Proper Burial

Cliff’s Notes:

Non-working electronics may contain toxic elements like cadmium, mercury, and lead. Carcinogen PCBs also pollute the groundwater.

US government can recycle only 11.4 % (330,000 tons) of a total of 2.9 million tons of electronic wastes. 

The number of cell phones that go out of service every year is more than 200 million, and only 8% of those unused phones are recycled. 

One phone pollutes around 132,000 liters water. 

Companies offer the best options for cartridge recycling, and you can recycle the printer cartridges for more than six times. 

Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech a Proper Burial
Gadgets And Accessories Giving Tech a Proper Burial

Why It Is Not Easy: Recycling

Well, you all know what to throw in the green dustbin and what to throw in blue, but there is no such dustbin for iPads and phones. Well, you can take the cables, batteries and other things to electronic shops and reuse them but it is not an easy option. However, the US government should also take some actions to reuse and recycle wasted electronics properly.