Gadget Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas On Gadgets For Geeks

In case your friend, relative, or colleague is a geek who acknowledges the innovative things in their everyday life, these gadgets are the best decision. Moreover, if you want to know some quirky gadgets ideas, look nowhere else. We have listed some top gadgets available for geeks that you can buy in this advanced market.

Let’s have a look at some amazing gadgets for geeks.

Barisieur Tea And Coffee Maker Alarm

This is an espresso maker and morning timer all in one device. This smart gadget slips you into your morning with the mitigating sounds of percolating water, alongside the aroma of the freshly prepared cup of coffee or tea.

The glassware is located on a beautiful walnut timber plate over a dark base. It even has a cooler that keeps your milk cold the whole night. Additionally, the Barisieur accompanies an inbuilt drawer, which makes it easy to put away your coffee dregs and tea leaves.


Who wouldn’t like to type on an old-world typewriter? Something is fulfilling about the sound of the keys pounding against the aluminum. Hence, Qwerkywriter presents to you a Bluetooth-empowered keyboard, which works as a conventional typewriter. It is compatible with almost every device.

Gift Ideas On Gadgets For Geeks

HD Camera Glasses

These Mitamanma Megane glasses are produced by a Japan-based company. It can record as long as 40 minutes of 30 fps HD video as well as take 4032 x 3024-pixel still pictures. Furthermore, at an affordable price, they can cost much lesser than Google Glass.

iPM Wireless Charging Docks

Remote charging is absolute contemporary comfort, and this quick charging dock is made to beat each different remote charger available. Having 10W of charging power and genuine copper induction coils, this charger gives perks of remote charging functions in any Qi-compatible gadget. Besides, the smart four-in-one structure empowers you to charge not just smartphones but also smart watches, wireless headsets, or an Apple Pencil while adding zero mess to your desk.

Google Titan Security Key Bundle

The Google Titan Security Key Bundle is a perfect gadget gift for nerds who are particularly security freaks!

It incorporates one USB key and one Bluetooth key. The USB key in it gives physical confirmation that you are who you state you are after you enter your password for an online platform such as Gmail or Twitter. The Bluetooth key functions as a backup to your USB key if you ever lose it. The keys offer related security as utilized at Google.

2.1-Channel Soundbar System

To use a remote to control a TV is passé. The Polk Command 2.1-Channel Soundbar System is the first Alexa-empowered soundbar. It has inbuilt Dolby, as well as DTS, surround sound. You can even incorporate a wireless subwoofer system for room-filling bass.

Furthermore, this gadget is compatible with Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and the sky is the limit from there. It makes an ideal present for somebody who is living on rent and wouldn’t like to mount speakers on the wall.

Gift Ideas On Gadgets For Geeks
Gift Ideas On Gadgets For Geeks
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