Five Must Have Cool Gadgets For Men Who Have Everything

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With big shot companies launching top-notch amazing gadgets every year and people earning well enough to afford them, men are almost spoilt for choice when it comes to gadgets. Super cool products are being made and launched for all the tech savvies. With the crazy increasing demand for gadgets, it can be said that the moment one buys a particular gadget, he starts eyeing another one. Here we are about to name just a few of them which are must-have cool gadgets for men who have everything.

Waterproof Beard Trimmer

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Frequently going wild is something that almost every man needs to deal with. It is a very common phenomenon with men. Trimmer is one product that every bearded person needs to swear by. Going to a barber every time is not possible in this fast-paced lifestyle, having a waterproof trimmer handy can save you from running to a barber’s shop. Trimmers are generally very easy to use and keep the beard in shape perfectly. It does its job pretty well even with the slightest of facial hair growth. It can easily be said that a waterproof trimmer is a must in your toiletry items. 

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Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is something that is loved by everyone. It is a lot more than just a speaker as it comes with so many cool features. The inbuilt Alexa allows one to set voice reminders, check the news, know the weather forecast and a lot more. The other compatible smart home devices can also be controlled through your voice if you have a smart speaker. Alexa guard assures you to keep your place by alerting you if something goes wrong. If you want to live in a smart home set up then having a smart speaker is undoubtedly mandatory.

Fire Tv Stick

With the digitally inclined generation of today, it’s quite outdated to keep the TV usage traditional. With the help of a fire tv stick, it gets super easy to browse among the thousands of web series, movies, sports and other stuff available on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime. The latest version of the fire tv stick is even Alexa enabled so no need to even use your fingers. All you gotta do is to utter what you would like to watch and then sit back and enjoy.

Smart Watches

Men of today are very conscious about their health and look. Hence, smart men should add a smartwatch to their daily lives so it can keep track of their daily fitness activities, calorie counts, health updates, answering calls and messages. These smartwatches also look dapper and go with almost all kinds of outfits. So worrying about how well it will go with traditional as well as western outfits is also something one does not need to think about before buying one.

5.Wireless Earpods

Earpods are something we all can’t imagine our lives without. Wired earphones tend to get tangled very easily which makes them a little inconvenient to use. With less amount of time and patience, it’s best to have a pair of wireless earpods. These also come up with a pretty much long-lasting battery life before it has to be put on charge again. Grabbing a pair of wireless earpods asap is a great idea if you don’t hesitate from investing in gadgets. 


Gadgets can be called the first love of every man who is obsessed with technology. If you are a real gadget lover then you should not be regretting buying any of these items.

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