Enjoy Whiskey With Zero Gravity Space Glass


The spirit of whiskey has gone beyond this world to space with the new Space Glass for zero gravity. Established in the year 1827, Ballantine’s is a Scottish producer of whiskey. The company is looking into the opportunity of capitalizing space travel. 

After all, nothing would be better on a space journey than whiskey. However, the beverage shouldn’t be flying. Space tourism has come very close to the life of humans. Soon general tourists will go to space and enjoy relaxing moments. 

Zero Gravity Needs Special Whiskey Glass

So, when you are relaxing in zero-gravity, you will need the right kind of glasses for the same purpose. The distillery collaborated with James Parr, who is the Open Space Agency founder. The agency has a collective team of designers, tech connoisseurs, space enthusiasts as well. It took about 11 months to approve the prototype of the Space Glass. 

Enjoy Whiskey With Zero Gravity Space Glass
Enjoy Whiskey With Zero Gravity Space Glass

Drinking Whiskey In Zero Gravity 

The challenge was not only about sending whiskey beyond the atmosphere of the earth. But, the consumption of whiskey was also a concern. 

The resulted solution was a curved plastic glass that contains support of the rose gold weighted base. This metal was used, so that, the taste of the liquor stays the same.

The whiskey gets pushed to the glass’ bottom using a convex base. Then, the alcohol spirals above via a tiny glass tube created around the edge. Before sipping, it reaches the mouthpiece of rose gold to create a cold-drink like feel. 

Issue Of Pouring In Zero Gravity

Experts were also concerned about the pouring of whiskey in zero gravity. Looking for the solution, experts reach magnets. A set of two magnets with extreme strength was used to connect a unique nozzle to the glass. This nozzle has a valve that sends liquor in one direction only. The presence of strong magnets is also useful in docking the glass on many available metallic surfaces such as walls. 

Reproduction Of Zero Gravity Glasses

Experts are planning to use 3D printing to reproduce the design of this glass. Now, you can forget about drinking whiskey in the Bahamas or Switzerland.

Space holidays will give you the luxury of travelling and drinking whiskey in the outer space. However, the company hasn’t officially announced the release date.

There are still safety and food regulations through which this glass needs to go through. After that, it will be available for consumers to purchase in the market. 

Enjoy Whiskey With Zero Gravity Space Glass
Enjoy Whiskey With Zero Gravity Space Glass

Enjoy Whiskey In Well-Swirled Taste

The taste of a whiskey peg reaches its peak when you swirl it in your glass. The heat of your palm allows all the whiskey aroma to get released. It is difficult when there is no gravity to support the swirl. However, these specially created glasses are capable of keeping the liquor steady and providing a spiral movement before the alcohol reaches the rim. 

Luxury Traveling Will Change!

With these zero-gravity glasses, it seems like space is soon going to be a part of luxury travel. Enthusiasts will still have to wait for the launch of this glass.