Cool New Fitness Gadgets – Making The Investment In The Right Tech

cool new fitness gadgets

With everyone wanting to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, cool new fitness gadgets are always up and coming and evolving. With each invention or upgraded version of any existing product, tracking one’s workouts and physical activities has now been made all the more easier. It is important to stay healthy and fit, but following through with it regularly can be a lot harder than it may seem. Junk food cravings may come knocking on your door every now and then, the need to skip your daily exercise in exchange for lazily lying on your couch and binge-watching your favorite television show instead, and so on; the possibilities behind the reason for wanting to give up are endless. However, these gadgets not only monitor us but also motivate us to do better and they are as follows.

Cool New Fitness Gadgets – Electronic Forks

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These forks are ideal for those on a diet or who are closely watching what they eat but are helpless against their cravings since these forks monitor your eating from the very first bite through the motion sensors that are embedded within it. These forks sense the speed with which you eat and warn you with blinking lights if it catches you eating at a speed faster than you should. They are battery-operated and waterproof as well so they can be hand-washed but the electronics need to be removed if it is going to be washed in a dishwasher.

Kettlebell Connect

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These are for those who are looking to build body and/or core strength and follow regular workouts. They are smart weights and contain six weights of varying mass that can be interchanged according to one’s preference or needs. They are ideal for those who prefer working out at the comforts of their own home rather than sweating it out at a public gym since a whole set of kettlebells are available in a single kettlebell.

Cool New Fitness Gadgets – Smart Socks

This one is especially for the athletes since not only do they help improve one’s running form but also track heart rates and perfects one’s foot landing, be it the toe or the heel. This is possible since it is AI-powered and contains electrodes that send a message to the user in real-time allowing them to keep a check on themselves and their footpace while running or even working out. Some smart socks also monitor and keep a track of the number of actual steps taken and/or total distance covered.


If you love staying fit and are tech-savvy or a tech enthusiast, you most certainly will not regret investing in functional but practical gadgets that will help make life more convenient for you. If not, you can still purchase gym equipment at home. For example, the ab roller wheel is a double wheeled roller that can greatly exercise our ab muscles. It can even tone our core too. It is multifunctional equipment so our biceps and triceps can also be toned. This is for people who need a simple, easy to do equipment.

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