Cool Backpacking Gadgets For Campers

cool backpacking gadgets

Are cool backpacking gadgets essential? No. But can they save you both time and stress and help make your hiking experience much more fun? Yes! The following list is a little sample of the cool gadgets that will make your backpacking experience awesome.

A hiking watch is one of the most important of all the cool backpacking gadgets. While it’s not absolutely necessary, a hiking watch can be extremely helpful. It can tell you how long you’ve been hiking and at what specific location you’re in, so you know exactly what to expect next. A good hiking watch can also tell you how many miles you’ve hiked in a day and how many days are left, allowing you to budget for your next trip easier.

Cool Backpacking Gadgets

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Another cool backpacking gadget is a USB charging backpack. A good-quality portable backpack will come with both a power adapter and a battery. If you’re using a laptop, then you won’t want to carry a full-sized rechargeable battery, as it takes up too much room. A good way to solve this problem is to buy a small, lightweight battery that you can plug into your laptop. You can then use your laptop while you’re on the trail, and you won’t have to worry about your laptop dying out on you on the way home.

An espresso maker is another cool backpacking gadget. Some models can be semi-automatic, making them great for hiking or camping trips where you don’t want to exert too much effort. Espresso beans can be bought almost anywhere these days, and an espresso maker is a perfect companion when you want to make some fresh espresso right when you get home. An automatic coffee maker is also a great way to go on a picnic or camping trip because you won’t have to worry about taking your own beans or worrying about when the coffee is ready.

Other Cool Backpacking Gadgets

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Other cool backpacking gadgets are food and water safety devices. Backpackers should always make sure that they have the right equipment with them to stay healthy and safe during long hiking or camping trips. The typical price of such gadgets is $30 or more, which is definitely worth the money spent. If you think that they’re just for backpackers, then think again. They’re great for people who go hiking and camping on a regular basis.

When you look for cool backpacking gadgets, you should first think about what you’re going to be using them for. Are you looking for something lightweight and portable? Or do you need something stronger and more durable? Think about what you like to do when you hike and camp. If you like to do outdoor sports, then you should probably consider buying a hiking stick, a compass, or some form of the navigation device. If you’re a fisherman, then you should buy a GPS or some other form of underwater technology.

Things To Know

If you’re looking for cool backpacking gadgets, you may also want to consider buying a pocket knife or a Swiss army knife. These tools are very popular and useful, and most backpackers absolutely love them. Some Swiss army knives actually come with a blade so you can chop firewood, nuts, bolts, or other objects on your back! These knives are definitely lightweight, which is why they’re so popular. They’re also definitely strong, so you’ll never have to worry about them breaking when you’re hiking in the woods.

Bottom Line

Finally, if you want to purchase the perfect gift for someone who loves the outdoors, then consider purchasing an espresso machine. There are many different types of espresso makers available, and you can get one that has a built-in warming plate so that the coffee beans will be warm when it’s time to brew. The best ones also have an automatic shutoff timer, so you won’t have to worry about losing the pressure when the power goes out! A Luminaid solar-powered espresso machine is a great gift idea for any type of person, and you can find one for as low as $100.

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