Cheap Household Gadgets – Gets Them At Discount Rates

cheap household gadgets

There are many companies in India that follow this concept and are very successful. The whole process is an offshoot of the famous engineering education and research.

The whole concept of making such cheap products can be traced back to the early 20th century when the first great Indian nationalised company came into existence – the East India Company. The first thing to be introduced by the company was the production of tea, coffee and sugar. All these products were made using the East India technique which involved using simple machines rather than the fully automated machines that were used in Britain. It was a short lived effort but its impact can still be felt today. The East India Company was not just successful in manufacturing tea and sugar but also established the world’s first large scale textile factory in 1859.

British East Indies Company

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Another company of note from the time was the British East Indies Company, which also had its beginnings in India. It too started with the common fruit machine and moved on to become one of the biggest exporters of cotton, tobacco and other products. Its biggest export was rubber although it did ship out many goods including gold and other minerals. The colony of Jamaica became known as the most important port in the world for the exports of both East India and the West Indies.

The final chapter in the story of cheap electronic products in India is that of the transistor. This was later followed by the mobile (transistor radio and electric bicycles) and then cellular phones. Cellular phones have got a lot of popularity in recent times mainly because of the phenomenal marketing campaign conducted by the company – the ‘Whispernet’ and the free voice calling services offered by SDSL-2.

East Indian Textile Industry

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The rise of cheap household gadgets in India can be traced back to sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. A notable period is the era of English colonists in India who used their association with the East Indian textile industry to influence governmental policy. Their efforts resulted in laying the foundation for the Modern State of India, which was in course of formation at that time. Between the years of the nineteenth and twentieth century, major progress was seen in the production of clothes, footwear, accessories, electrical appliances, clothing materials and foodstuffs.

Today, cheap household gadgets are easily available. This is mostly the case with electronics and IT products. For instance, cheap household gadgets in India are available for televisions, computers, laptops, hand held phones, music players, DVD players, radios and telecommunication equipment. These products are widely available on online stores at discount rates.

Warranty Of The Product

While buying cheap household gadgets, it is important to be aware of the warranty of the product and its shipping costs as well. Some of these products have very high costs and are imported into the country from China.

These cheap household gadgets are made using very poor quality material and are not very long lasting. Therefore, the buyer should always make sure of the reputation of the company or the brand name before making a purchase.


However, there are also some advantages of cheap household gadgets. These devices are available at attractive discounted rates when compared with the prices of other top brands in the market. The main advantage is that cheap household gadgets do not require maintenance, which costs money. The user also does not have to spend on technical support and other expenses related to the device which are often not covered under the warranty. This also helps one to save on time and money which may be used for other purposes.

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