Bringing Our AI Assistants To Life

Bringing our AI

Bringing our AI to life, it seems like a topic for a science-fiction comic or movie. But in our day to day life it’s becoming more of a reality rather than just a pipe dream. Take ‘Alexa’ for an example if you don’t believe me or ‘Siri.’ These AI programs act as our assistants, as they have their personalities. We can easily differentiate between them since each has their voice, their platform at which they operate. Now, you don’t expect Cortana to wok on ios or Siri on android, now do you? 

Bringing our AI

What Does Bringing Our AI Assistants To Life Mean Get To Know These In Details

By bringing our AI assistants to life. One, however, wants to emphasize. Specifically, upon the fact that these assistants are improving. At a tremendous rate at that. Now, you might be thinking, growing at what and how right. Now let me explain, as we all know that there are teams of experts behind each of these fantastic assistants. These experts not only think about how to maintain this software but also how to improve them up to a level, in which we can integrate these AI assistants to our daily lives as much as possible. Now how else to improve them better by personifying them i.e., giving them a personality of their own or by bringing their intelligence level closer to human intelligence. However this can be the most important assistant of any person and individual ever.

These assistants, not only are they being updated continuously by the experts behind them, but they are learning on their own on what to do. These actions which the machine makes of its own accord Now are often analyzed for future references. This is for accuracy -if in case the same situation arises again. Then the assistant would be sure about what to do just by looking at- how accurate its decision was last time. These results of accuracy can also be used by the AI in case of other users and improve itself overall.

Bringing our AI

Uses Of AI Assistants In Life 

AI has even found its usage in the field of medical science and has its fair share of applications. Shortly it is entirely possible to have a machine driven by an AI operating on people and that also more efficiently than any surgeon. Currently, there are even bots like ‘Sophia’ who has intelligence almost at par with a human.  

Nowadays, there are many fields in which AI is being used, and it is proving itself to be more than capable enough for an idea that seemed to be ripped off from a science fiction comic. AI has many uses, and it is one of the fastest-growing fields right now, and companies are more than willing to pay big bucks to people who know how to write code for machine learning. Now, the rate at which these AI assistants are improving it’s only a matter of time when without AI, life would seem impossible.