Best Cool Gadgets For Cars

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Here are top 5 cool car gadgets that you must know;

Car Cam

The Car Cam is a dashcam that also serves as a surveillance feature. It has a 4G LTE link, allowing you to access your video from anywhere on your Smartphone.

 Amazon Echo Auto

With the Amazon Echo Auto, you can take Alexa with you everywhere you go. It’s a plain little gadget that attaches to your phone’s Alexa app that provides all of the headlines, sporting updates, menus, shopping lists, and music streaming are only a few of the voice-activated features that your home-bound Echo offers.

Car Guard

The Car Guard connects to your vehicle’s OBD-II port and allows you to watch its position as well as collect notifications when it is bumped or shifted.


Zubie makes use of wireless coverage to transmit data from everywhere, as well as providing in-car Wi-Fi and a 4G LTE backhaul (provided by Verizon). Like, partnering urgently to get on-demand tow trucks; Zubie still relies on your mobile. IFTTT and Amazon Alexa are both supported.

 Cassette Bluetooth Adapter

There is a Bluetooth alternative for those that have an old, archaic car stereo with a cassette player. The Cassette Bluetooth Adapter looks like a cassette and fits onto the deck like one, but it connects to your Smartphone and allows you to listen to music through your car’s speakers.

Importance of Cool Gadgets for Cars

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  • They are intended to make the lives of the driver and passengers easier and more comfortable. 
  • Even these devices are solely to enhance one’s look.

Benefits of Cool Gadgets for Car

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  • Make it better on yourself: If we’re being frank with ourselves, the primary motivation for most of us to purchase some gadgets or devices is to make our lives simpler.
  • Factor of coolness:  Any automotive accessories are just amazing. Sure, you might use an auxiliary plug to download music from your phone to your stereo device, but it loses the cool factor of using an FM radio transmitter instead.
  • Spend less money: The ideal gadget is often one that prevents you from wasting your hard-earned money. Maybe the FM transmitter will save you money on a new stereo head, which isn’t the easiest or most straightforward thing to replace.

Most important Car Accessories

1.       You must have a Mobile Charger in your car

2.       You must have a Portable Tire Inflator.

3.       You must have a Car Perfume.

4.       You must have a mobile holder which holds your mobile properly.

5.       You must have a small Fire Extinguisher for your Car Safety.


From Bluetooth music streaming to using Google Maps for navigation, our Smartphones make our lives simpler, and though we’re on the go. This also ensures that the battery life is thrown out the window. As a result, one of the most popular automotive gadgets is a Smartphone charger.

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