Best Android Watch In 2019


If you’re in search of an Android watch that is hassle-free and works almost without any effort, then this is it. With the Withings move android watch, you don’t need to charge it on every night.

You watch the time, track your steps and your good to go with its everyday use. The add on for this smartwatch is it is cheap and made of plastic. But the fun part is that the materials have A-class quality plastics which gives a long shelf life. Also, android apps are quite useful.

The reason why all mostly prefer this watch is due to its color variations. It comes in four types of color. And if you’re in search of a smartwatch that has no screen, then the Withings move android watch is the last destination for you. The best android watches of 2019 are on their way to get revealed. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the journey!

Best Android Watch In 2019
Best Android Watch In 2019

AmazFit GTR – Android Watch

If your eyes are searching for a beautifully designed waterproof smartwatch, then pause here for some time. This branded watch from Xiaomi has an incredible battery life with a high-resolution AMOLED display.

Nonetheless, with this GTR device, you can not only track the time but also follow workouts, steps and go swimming with it. So, the addition point is, this android watch pushes and supports your work out diary every day.

The only drawback that this amazing timeless device bear is its limited app support quality. The apps which are present are unpolished. Apart from these two drawbacks, if you want to give it a position on our list, I think the second is not bad at all.

Fossil Sport

The good-looking, sporty and the stud of all the other android watches in the market of 2019 is the Fossil Sport wristwatch. It runs on Wear OS or ultimately saying, it runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform. The best part of this OS is that it allows an edgy battery life.

In addition, this is the best sports watch that has features similar to the Skagen Faster 2, which is quite more expensive than that of this watch. The Fossil Sport watch is much lighter, made of plastic body and versatile aluminum. It is quite affordable and has a silicone band which users have confirmed as super comfortable. It too has a lot of colors for the customers.

Samsung galaxy watch active

Best Android Watch In 2019
Best Android Watch In 2019

This super talented model from the universe has been replaced by its sequel model called ‘Watch Active 2’. The sequel happened at six months. But the fortune is the one who has the first version of Watch Active 2. I’ll tell you how!

The android watch has a bright display which helps even the older adults in a clearer vision. It lacks its power to comfort all day long. But the fun fact is, after the release of Samsung galaxy watch active 2, most of the people are neglects to buy the prequel version as it is less expensive than the later.