Before Apps, There Was A Gadget For That


We all have a penchant for buying things we don’t have as soon as we see their advertisement. Advertisements have created a massive dominance over people’s mind, and practically everyone gets easily manipulated by it. We see something, and the next thing is we want it. There’s not a thought regarding the fact if we at all need that particular gadget or not, advertisements does it work correctly. These days, we all have uncountable devices for our use in just our palms (smartphones). However, I come from a time dating back to the era where before apps, there was a gadget for that! For every task or a new experience of living, the gadget served the purpose. 

Before Apps, There Was A Gadget For It
Before Apps, There Was A Gadget For That

Alluring Representations Of Gadget

We all love different gadgets, especially those cited to make our lives easier and better, as seen on the “TV.” Even though I am not a hoarder or a collector, I love these gadgets and how they show them on the television. However, this obsession over devices started when I was a kid, and my father would introduce me to new gadgets despite having limited resources. It was a phase of Depression when the resources had gone down a crunch. But still, my father and his love for gadgets were above all this. He would always get excited to show me a gadget with a disclaimer stating, “Wait till you see it all!”. And I would patiently wait to see the miracles unfolding. 

The Saga Of The Gadgets

To start with, the first-ever gadget we got was a doozy. It was a black and white TV set as it was not possible to afford a colored set. But yet the fact that it was like a miracle as the plastic sheet converted black and white to colors was a fascinating experience. We then got so many gadgets later on to keep this craze over gadgets going on. Devices like the Awesome Auger and Veg-O-Matic were amazing in themselves. However, one of my father’s absolute favorites was the ShamWow! It was a cloth which was so highly absorbent that the advertisement stated that it could drain a lake with its absorbent nature! 

Before Apps, There Was A Gadget For That

From this, we get a clear idea of what it is all about advertisements and how they trick our minds into buying these gadgets. But the question remains the same regarding our need for these gadgets or apps. Do we need these gadgets? Or is it just the mind which is manipulating? However, these days, we have apps for everything, right from waking us up to remind us to drink water. Just like the gadgets of that time, we have apps now to make our lives easier. A simple pop up on the screen and the next thing is we have the app installed. Because who doesn’t want to try new things? It is all pure temptation, after all — a game well played with the mind by the visual representation of what you see on your screen. 

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