A Look At Some Ordinary But Unusual Household Gadgets

unusual household gadgets

In the early years of its life, the humble fire had become known as a strange and unique device that many people in the Old World had developed for their homes. As a result, it became known as the unusual household gadget or even the crazy fire. But what was this thing? How did it gain such a strange reputation? Why did people across the world look to it for their home heating needs?

The Story Of The Fire

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The story of the fire can be told through the six piece of the popular folk song, “The Ballad of Old Joe,” by Frank Sinatra. The story begins with a young girl who is sent by her stepmother to live with her Uncle Rico and his wife in an old farmhouse. She is immediately forced to cook and clean for both of them, something which she loathes. When her chores are complete, a strange rock makes its way into one of her holes and starts to grow; at this point, a frightened girl runs off to the kitchen to find out what is wrong.

The fire in the kitchen had caused many problems for the girl’s stepmother, who worried that the girl would burn herself if left alone in the house. This is why the local dairyman provided the young woman with a milk steamer. The steamer allowed her to be able to bathe without fear of getting her clothes burned off, as well as allow her to prepare her own food without having to go through the complicated process of using the already boiled milk inside of the covered steamer. The steamer became known as the odd man out in the household for the unique ability it possessed. It is unknown if the steamer helped the family to escape from poverty, but the song did not. Instead, the name of the dairyman who supplied the equipment was eventually changed to Connection, because somehow the equipment became known as a strange kitchen appliance.

Coffee Mug Made By Calvin Klein

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Perhaps the strangest looking kitchen item ever discovered in a Connecticut home was found in the state’s western reserve: a large and apparently dangerous statue. The statue was of a huge and frightening creature that had been carved out of rock. Some thought that it was the remains of an ancient monster, but others thought it to be some sort of representation of Shiva. Regardless of how the statue came to be in the western reserve, no one is sure if the local government allowed the statue to remain, or if it was removed after sometime.

Another strange household object was a coffee mug made by Calvin Klein. The mug actually had a talking cat on the side in giant letters. In addition, the cat’s paws were printed red on the outside of the cup. The funny thing about this mug is that in nearly every home in the entire country you will see someone drinking from it. Even on talk shows, the cat’s paw has become a signature gesture for many hosts and guests. When the cat appeared on television, it spoke to the camera in what appeared to be a very animated manner.


One very odd looking item was a manhole cover. This cover, which can be found just about anywhere, actually functions as an exit device for people. If you’ve ever seen a German shepherd in a manhole cover, you know exactly what we’re talking about. In fact, it is a common enough occurrence that a person should be able to find at least one in their own house. These covers are usually designed to be big enough to allow people to slip through with a bag or a small sack of groceries in.

Finally, there was the time clock. This bizarre-looking gadget has made people wonder if there is some sort of evil spirit residing within it. Many people have reported seeing all sorts of poltergeist activity while wearing the old timepiece, including ghosts and ghouls.


It’s easy to get lost in the general weirdness of our modern world. It’s especially difficult when you’re trying to find something that might be normal, just out of the ordinary. That’s why knowing about the odd household gadgets that aren’t so odd helps us to remember that there’s no reason to worry about living life to the fullest while also having a good sense of humor. These are just a few of the odd household items that are out there.

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