6 Cool Gadgets For Men

6 Cool Gadgets For Men

Technology nowadays is smarter than ever. Therefore, there are so many gadgets that keep on getting upgraded day by day with fast and quality processing. Hence, to keep up with this smart world, you need something special. Whether you always rely on simple things or love to try out new gadgets, you can check out this list of 6 cool gadgets for men and know what the world is following.

6 Cool Gadgets For Men

1- Pure Move T4 Radio

This T4 radio provides a clear and accurate sound. As stylish as it looks, it gives you good performance too. It runs up to 15 hours if you listen to it through a speaker. And if you put your headphones in, the battery will last for 22 hours. This digital radio works as a Bluetooth speaker as well.

2-Master Lock Select Access

The Master Lock Select Access key safe works with Bluetooth. Hence, you can monitor the app by knowing who’s coming and going out of your house. This Master lock key safe can connect to your phone or keypad. Moreover, you may save unlimited contacts to it.

3- Dodow

So many people use nightlights while sleeping. Whether you are worried about the monster that’s under your bed, or just don’t want to stay in the dark, you need a night light. Therefore, when you are still awake at 2:30 am, press the button of Dodow and it will flash a blue light in your room. You just need to time your breath with the light’s pulses for either 8 or 20 minutes. Inhale when the light flashes and expands, exhale when it retracts. A perfect gadget for people who suffer from sleep deprivation.

4-Pocket Translator

Learning languages is a great choice. You don’t have to rely on others. Also, you don’t need to stammer while ordering a drink at the pub. Furthermore, you can talk freely with different cultures and all. However, it takes a lot of time and effort. Hence, for all those lazy persons out there, they would rather think of sleeping than learning a new language. And why would you learn, when Pocketalk can translate 74 languages without any hassle? It is easy to use, comes with noise cancellation technology and can pick up your voice.

5-Smartech Lifeprint Printer

You have used wireless printers before, undoubtedly. However, have you ever seen a device that can print videos and hyper photos? It will Just print a video as a normal photo. However, when you wave your device around it, the video plays on-screen.


This one is simple, small, yet very talented. It wraps your phone’s camera with its rubberized body. It also lines up its lens with your camera so that you can take quality super-close-up shots with four-times optical zoom.

6 Cool Gadgets For Men

Final Thoughts

These cool gadget ideas for men are trendy in some countries but rare in some others. Hence, either way, if you buy these gadgets you can feel superior in comparison to others. In the comment box below, please let us know among all these gadgets, which one you think is your thing.

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