3D Printed Violin

3-D Printed Violin Is Easy on the Eyes and Ears

Classical instruments of music and the persons who repair the musical instruments have been skeptical about the new technologies. They think of implementing into acoustic instruments. The creativity in developing new technology has been for centuries. It is difficult to imagine the level of mastery skills. The 3-D Printed Violin Is Easy on the Eyes and Ears and perfect gift item.

3-D Printed Violin Is Easy on the Eyes and Ears

Famous 3D printed Violins:

Let us take a look at a few 3D printed violins. The professional violinists test some of the modern violins. There are some3D printed violins, which are the most famous classical instruments. 


F-F-Fiddle, a violin, is the first 3D printed violin and electrical instrument. A mechanical design firm named Openfab PDX develops this F-F-Fiddle. Moreover, the founder is David Perry. Anyone can produce it by taking some parts of the 3D violin. All the materials in this violin can cost nearly $250. You can create by deciding and assemble the violin by yourself. Therefore, the FDM printer has been using in this printed violin model.

FF-Fiddle designs Autodesk Fusion 360. It is by taking the use of the dimensions of a classical violin as a guide. Furthermore, the 3D printed violin has a flat surface with a semi-hollow infill to allow the sound. The neck, bridge, and the bout can 3D print style without other supporting materials. Moreover, the chin and shoulder positions will be the same as most of the electric violins on the market. David Perry is encouraging some supporters to hold the brilliance to get music and science together.

3-D Printed Violin Is Easy on the Eyes and Ears

Hollin V2.0; 3-D Printed Violin:

FF-Fiddle inspires Hovalin V2.0. The designer of this Hovalin V2.0 printed violin is Hova labs. The co-founder is Kaitlyn Hova. Version 2 is the leading open project that is continually upgrading. A few more components regarding the sounding system modifies when compared to previous versions.

The STEM education system is famous in the US. It got popular only because it is making the students improve themselves; the subjects are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Kaitlyn took advantage of STEM education and taught the students to make their instruments. All the materials that use in version 2.0 can cost up to $600.

Modular Fiddle; 3-D printed violin:

It is the second piece that develops by Openfab PDX. All the parts of the printed violin could change only to test the sound. Present, they are focusing on making a casual violin. The causal violin is an instrument that doesn’t have to protect. The violins can get the damage quickly in some adverse conditions. Moreover, the parts can be replaced or reproduced when it is damaged.

Perry said that the violin bout could make the sound louder and more productive than the Hovalin version 2.0. Furthermore, he said that the violin could provide a mid-range of wood quality. However, the focus is not on the quality of its musical sound. He even focuses more on the new music, which can be different from a classical one.

3-D Printed Violin:

It is a fully customizable 3D printed violin. 3Dvarius is an electrical violin. The entire body and neckpieces are making in a single piece. It makes the violin more expensive. It is not an open project violin. It makes the most professional version of an electrical violin. However, the results are reasonable when compared to some of the older versions.

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